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Loans & Financing for Rental Properties in Indianapolis

For investors who are new to the real estate markets in Indianapolis, rental properties are probably the most accessible method for generating revenue. Indianapolis rental properties offer a number of advantages to commercial real estate investors which are often overlooked.

Indianapolis Rental Properties Provide Steady Revenue

Fix and Flip Loans & Financing

Selling properties through fix and flip projects can yield a very high amounts of revenue. However, houses do not always sell on a weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly basis. Buying and selling is not something you can set your watch to. Indianapolis rental properties, on the other hand, generate revenue on a monthly basis. Investors even have the option to sell rental properties at a later date as a means of “cashing out” of the landlord business.

Indiana Rental Properties Pay For Themselves

The point of owning rental properties is to generate a passive income with little oversight. Currently, single family rentals are not getting much traction in the Indiana property market. The more units a property has available, the more revenue it can generate. Most investors tend to take a very pragmatic approach to handling revenue. Typically, rent from one unit will go to cover mortgage payments, while the rest goes into the bank account. In a short period of time, the property will pay for itself, and then everything from that point on is pure profit.

Tax Benefits

Rental properties offer a number of tax advantages to investors as well. Improvements and repairs can be claimed as tax deductions. Owner occupied rental properties offer Indianapolis real estate investors additional benefits as well. Indiana may also have tax incentives for real estate investors, because rental properties bring in people who will be spending money locally, thus increasing revenue for the state.

Financing For Indianapolis Rental Properties

There are a number of financing and loan options for Indianapolis rental properties. A combination of conventional loans and bridge financing can help investors purchase, renovate, and reconfigure homes into multifamily rentals. SBA loans can be used for owner occupied rental properties. Blanket loans are very useful when making improvements to multiple rental properties all at once. Larger financing, such as HUD and FHA loans, are ideal for specially-designated multifamily properties.

Liberty Commercial Capital provides financing solutions for Indianapolis rental properties of all sizes. Whether you are purchasing your first investment property, or are handling multiple rentals at once, we will work with you to create a financing strategy tailored to your needs. Contact us today by email or by calling (317) 569-1110.