A Small Business Loan Can Help You Thrive

Small business loans are a great choice for a range of financing needs. If you are interested in purchasing, renovating or refinancing your commercial property or commercial equipment, this type of loan can help you achieve the necessary cash flow during the process. Our long-term permanent financing services are designed to help small business owners improve their companies while maintaining their financial security. SBA loans are made through the Small Business Association, protecting the interests of owners and employees throughout the process.

Who Can Take Out Small Business Loans?

Many different businesses and organizations make use of these loans. The Association has rules regarding the size of an eligible small business. According to these rules, eligibility is typically limited to businesses with yearly sales under $6,000,000, employing fewer than 100 people in the service industry or 500 people in the manufacturing industry. If your business fits this description, a small business loan may be right for you.

Businesses That Can Make the Most of an SBA Loan

Some businesses that typically benefit from these loans include warehouses, manufacturing facilities, hotels, motels, restaurants, automotive repair shops, car washes and gas stations. Family-owned businesses and established local companies can grow with the help of professional financing.

Advantages of Small Business Financing

Small business financing is designed to work with the strengths of small companies. Advantages of these loans include all of the following:


  • Loan amounts based on management capabilities and projected cash flow
  • Terms up to 15 years
  • Loans up to $1,250,000
  • Pre-qualification in as little as 48 hours
  • No penalties attached to prepayment
  • Fully amortized loans
  • Financing up to 80 percent

Get in Touch With Us to Find Out More

If you’d like to improve and grow your small business, an SBA loan could be the perfect choice for you and your financial future. Contact our financing experts at Liberty Commercial Capital to find out more.