Boosting Your Business With Equipment Financing

equipmentHere at Liberty Commercial Capital, we want to help your business fulfill its needs, which is why we offer equipment financing and leasing. No matter what type of business you own—a fitness center, medical practice, manufacturing plant, restaurant, or something else—we can help you get equipment that will let your business function at its best.

Lease Options

Our equipment leasing program can help you pay for items up to $500,000 or higher, with little or no down payment and a range of flexible payment structures. Depending on the size of your project, we can approve you in as little as 24 hours.

Sale and Lease Back

We also offer a sale and lease back program which allows you to use the equity in your existing equipment to produce working capital. Under this finance structure, we will buy your equipment and lease it back to you; once all payments are made the equipment becomes yours again.

Startup Help

If you own a startup, then you know that it can be hard to find capital. We are willing to finance businesses that have been in operation for two years or less with our specialized startup program.

Second Chances

Additionally, we offer a special program for businesses and owners that have damaged credit. Due to recent economic problems, many professionals saw their credit take a hit; we can help provide financing to give them a second chance.

Government Programs

We are proud to offer equipment financing to a variety of different governments and municipal agencies, with programs specially tailored for their needs. Entities that we finance include state and federal agencies, public schools, police and fire departments, libraries, and much more.

Learn About Leases

Our lease programs offer a number of benefits to your business. For one, monthly lease payments are generally lower than other forms of financing, and capital is not tied up. Also, leasing has no impact on your credit lines. Finally, by leasing equipment, you can stay up to date with technological advances by easily upgrading when the time comes. To learn more about the advantages of our lease program, contact Liberty Commercial Capital today.