Deliver the Goods to Your Customers With Purchase Order Financing

Many companies promise to deliver pre-sold merchandise to their customers. Procuring and shipping this merchandise can be one of the most challenging steps, especially for a small business, a start-up or a company with limited cash flow. Financing your purchase orders can help you get a head start in delivering the goods to your valued customers.

What Is Purchase Order Financing?

Purchase order financing gives you the capital you need to carry out domestic purchases as well as import and export deals. Our experts at Liberty Commercial Capital can help you by financing your work in progress and providing letters of credit for international transactions. This sort of financing is often a crucial piece of the puzzle as a new company gets its business activities started or expands them to a wider geographical region.

Advantages of Purchase Order Funding

This form of financing offers many advantages to companies:


  • Increased market share without loss of equity or extra bank debt
  • Better rapport with satisfied customers
  • More potential for large orders
  • Quick funding with high flexibility

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