Refinance or Buy Commercial Property Like a Pro

Are you interested in refinancing or buying a piece of commercial property? You have a powerful option at your disposal. A stated income commercial real estate loan is often a good alternative to a standard commercial loan. These loans are often approved much more quickly than traditional loans, giving you a head start on your property acquisition or refinancing.

Why Choose a Stated Income Loan?

Stated income loans are based primarily on the value of the property being bought, rather than the personal credit rating of the borrower or the financial situation of the company making the purchase. Each property is assessed carefully before a loan offer is made. This assessment makes sure that the property will be able to generate enough income to service the mortgage, pay the necessary taxes and maintain insurance coverage.

A Smart Choice for Moving Forward

If a buyer has any issues with past credit history, this kind of loan can be a perfect way to move forward. One major advantage of a stated income commercial real estate loan is the speed of the process. Because there are fewer documents (such as W-2s, income tax records, pay stubs and credit reports) involved in the loan, it often takes a matter of weeks to close, rather than months or even years. At Liberty Commercial Capital, we look toward the future. We are interested in the earning power of the newly acquired or refinanced property, not just the past history of the borrower.

What Does a Stated Income Loan Look Like?

A typical stated income loan for commercial real estate has these characteristics:

  • Fixed rates
  • Amounts up to $500,000
  • Eligibility for both W-2 and self-employed borrowers
  • Quick closing times, often as soon as 14 days

These loans can be taken out to finance restaurants, shops, apartment buildings, offices, warehouses and many other properties.

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