Serving Your Clients With Consumer Financing

consumerAt Liberty Commercial Capital we offer a range of useful solutions to help you better serve your customers. Our consumer finance program is an excellent choice for small businesses that want to help their customers have flexible payment plans.


This program is designed for businesses that sell goods and services for under $10,000 that would like to provide financing options for their customers. This helps to ensure that you don’t lose out on sales and can help your customers make the purchases they want, boosting your bottom line.

Flexible Plans

If you have an existing portfolio of loans, we can buy them from you; we can also purchase revolving credit agreements or retail installment contracts. We are capable of financing your customers even if they have FICO scores as low as 580, and we also provide instant credit processing and approval. As needed, we can structure creative programs such as tiered pricing, 6 months same as cash, and flexible interest rates. We also offer e-signature capability.

Potential Applications

There are many industries that can benefit from this type of financing. For example, medical and dental procedures can make use of consumer financing, as well as educational products and services such as private school, vocational training, and higher education tuition. Retail, jewelry, travel, furniture, memberships, and security and alarm products can all be financed with our help. Contact Liberty Commercial Capital today to learn more.