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Indianapolis Business Loans: Thinking Outside Of The Bank

Small businesses have been on the rise throughout Indianapolis, IN. From home office operations to franchises, manufacturers, and everything in between, entrepreneurs are carving out a strong foothold in the local economy. However, finding the right financing to launch and grow operations can be challenging, especially in situations where taking on more debt is not the preferred route. By thinking outside of the bank, some savvy entrepreneurs are finding Indianapolis business loans that don’t place any debt on the books.

Indianapolis Business Loans For Working Capital

There are a number of alternatives to traditional Indianapolis business loans, which provide working capital without debt. Invoice factoring offers a fast turnaround on receivables so small businesses can get access to revenue without having to wait on staggered payment schedules. Merchant cash advances provide working capital without debt while giving Indianapolis entrepreneurs the flexibility they demand from repayment terms. There are even unsecured lines of credit designed specifically for new and small businesses in the Indianapolis area without requiring collateral. All of the aforementioned options are debt-free, and offer a reliable source of working capital without involving the red tape of traditional lending institutions.

Indianapolis Business Loans For Growth

Looking beyond the bank, Indianapolis business owners are taking advantage of the benefits offered through purchase order financing. Purchase order financing is a debt free source of growth capital that can be arranged quickly for time-sensitive opportunities. When businesses want to take on a large client or complete an unexpected order, purchase order financing is the ideal solution. The advance in capital is used to cover the cost of production. When the order is completed, the financing is rolled into the invoice. The customer pays the balance owed and the business takes the remainder as revenue. Larger orders yield more revenue, thereby allowing Indianapolis businesses to grow rapidly without taking on debt. Local entrepreneurs can take on big clients without having to scramble for capital to cover their increased overhead costs, or losing orders to larger competitors.

Learn More About Alternatives To Traditional Loans

Liberty Commercial Capital is dedicated to providing solutions to business owners in the Indianapolis area. If you are a local entrepreneur and you need capital to sustain or grow operations, contact the experts at Liberty Commercial Capital. Our team specializes in thinking outside of the bank to provide fast and affordable financing tailored to the needs of our clients and partners. Contact us today to learn more.