Real estate investment involves understanding how to market your asset when it’s time to sell it for a return. That’s just one of the ways it remains distinct from other kinds of investment. After all, when you’re looking to sell a stock or a piece of a mutual fund, you’re not usually going to have to worry about factors like curb appeal and design trends in the marketplace. Both these things are important when selling properties, though. That’s why no matter what kind of property you are reselling, amazing images will make a huge difference in your sale price.

Staging Images for Residential Properties

When you’re reselling a house and your target customer is a future homeowner looking for a single-family dwelling, it’s vital that you show them how your property meets all their needs. Photographs that show off the room’s features are essential, and a good photographer will be able to stage those photos to make those features apparent. You want to have a shot that shows the room wall-to-wall in a way that emphasizes how space can be used and how every design feature comes together to create an environment. This will draw in buyers who want to see the property for themselves to get more information, giving you a better return on your real estate investment.

Multi-Unit Housing Sales and Attracting Clients

When you’re reselling to another investor, especially one looking for multi-unit properties, it’s no less essential to show off the full features of the property. Décor that makes the property look occupied is less important, but you will want to make sure the lighting and angles are able to illuminate all the best features of your units, and you’ll want photographs that showcase the range of options in the units.

Photographing Commercial Property

Amazing photographs aren’t just pretty. In the case of photographs designed to showcase commercial and industrial spaces, contrast and dynamic lighting, use of the space, and a sense of the possibilities for individual business clients are important to capture. The scale is vital, so including humans in the shot will allow clients to get a better sense of how much space they have for manufacturing equipment, warehouse shelving, and other needs.

When you have the right photographs for your property, your sale price could be as much as ten percent higher on just that factor alone. When combined with other best practices for marketing your properties, you’ll be able to get better returns on your real estate investment than you originally projected.