A company’s future success is often dependent on one of its most prized resources – its employees. So much of the direction of a company is dictated by how much passion and talent is held within its workforce. Since quality employees are so important, how can one ensure that his or her workforce consists of such? Hiring valuable employees is the first step in securing your company’s future success.

How can you ensure that the candidate you recruit will be the right fit for the job, staying with the company for several years and contributing to your goals? There are several best practices that you can follow, increasing your odds of hiring and retaining talent. First of all, employee referrals should bear a lot of weight. You can even offer an incentive program to current employees to encourage referrals. The idea is that your staff is hopefully invested in the future of your company and will share the burden of bringing in additional talent. It’s ideal if the current employee can vouch for the candidate’s professional acumen, but vouching for his or her character is essential too.

Having a straightforward attitude and an honest approach within the hiring process is another best practice that will benefit both parties greatly. Neither manager nor candidate will benefit if the job is incorrectly marketed or if the manager is not honest about what the position entails, including the growth path.

This starts with creating an accurate job description. Be honest and realistic about your expectations. Ensure that the salary offered matches the position requirements. Likewise, when interviewing candidates, make sure that they fully understand the position, both the positive and negative aspects. Sugarcoating a job description or exaggerating opportunities for promotion will result in a disillusioned employee who likely won’t stick around for as long as you’d like.

Finally, instituting a background check is always prudent. You want to ensure that the candidate’s resume checks out and that his or her education and experience is valid. Likewise, as workplace violence becomes more prevalent, it’s become crucial that you ensure your candidate doesn’t have a criminal record. You owe that to your current employees to protect their safety and security.

Hiring driven and talented employees can be an important factor in your company’s success. Finding the right employees isn’t entirely up to chance, however. With a few proven practices, you can increase your chances of employing reliable staff who will support your business now and in the future.

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