Business ownership can often feel like a microwave world. You get hot quick, then serve (or sell). Building a long-lasting organization, which can sustain a family and be a great benefit in the community is more like cooking in the crockpot, slow and steady heat to create to a huge, delicious meal. In business, it’s a long-term vision that leads to financial success. Here are three ways to stay focused on the long-term and avoid that short-term thinking.

Be Careful About Taking On Outside Investors.

Once you take someone’s money as an investment, your business is expected to produce a return for that person. Your investor may not care about your long-term goals of growth. Do you really want to give up equity to someone who has different objectives than you? Although many businesses are hesitant to take on debt, a lender who can provide different options for working capital may be a better fit for your goals.

The Business Decisions You Make Today Have Long-Term Consequences.

When you’re in business for the long haul, you have to consider the choices you make and how it will affect your company not just next week, but in 10, 20, even 30 years down the road. Take time to really look at all the options.

Growth Is Good, But Growing Too Fast Can Actually Be A Burden.

When forecasting what you need to do to stay competitive, you have to remember that taking on too much may actually dilute your service or product. Short-term goals have to be in line with the long-term objectives. It can feel great to get that large purchase order, but if your organization isn’t ready to handle it, you could lose your established customers who have gotten you this far.

Balancing all the needs of your company can be difficult. when you know what options are available for obtaining financing when you are ready to grow, you can make good decisions.