Indianapolis commercial real estate investors are very familiar with the hurdles involved in obtaining fast and adequate financing. Trying to navigate the red tape involved with traditional loans often lead to missed opportunities. Fortunately there are a number of Indianapolis commercial real estate financing alternative which are more flexible and easier to arrange than traditional loans.

Indianapolis Commercial Real Estate Financing Is Project-Oriented

Traditional lending institutions have limits on what they are able to offer to Indianapolis commercial real estate investors. The amounts are not based on the project at hand, but rather credit ratings, arbitrary loan board decisions, and other factors. Commercial real estate financing alternatives focus on the property transaction or project itself. Potential revenue is often given more weight the existing condition of the property, when making decisions. This gives Indianapolis commercial real estate investors larger amounts of capital throughout each stage of a project. Whether purchasing a rehab project or taking on a large construction contract, commercial real estate financing can keep things on track.

A Larger Financing Selection

Indianapolis commercial real estate financing alternatives provide a wide range of options, so investors and property developers can find programs tailored to their ventures. There are conventional loans for commercial real estate transactions; mezzanine financing to cover larger projects while bringing in aspects of equity loans; blanket loans to purchase or improve multiple properties at once; HUD and FHA loans for public works and specially designated properties; bridge loans for fix and flip projects, and much more. There are even financing programs for large, multistage, ground-up construction projects. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to Indianapolis commercial real estate financing. Solutions can be customized to fit the needs or requirements of investors and their projects.

Indianapolis Commercial Real Estate Financing Is More Efficient

Traditional lending institutions use a chain of command to process loans requests. If Indianapolis commercial real estate investors meet the high requirements for traditional financing programs, the applications travel from department to department, along with all of the other various loan requests. The chain of command can cause delays in financing, and lucrative opportunities to be missed. Commercial real estate financing in Indianapolis, especially with a preferred lender, can be approved quickly without any internal bureaucracy.

At Liberty Commercial Capital, we offer a wide range of commercial real estate financing solutions for investors and property developers in Indianapolis, IN. As a preferred lender, we can bypass the red tape of traditional lending institutions to provide the funding your need quickly and efficiently. Contact our offices today to get started.