As commercial real estate investors continue to breathe new life into neighborhoods throughout the Indianapolis area, the need for special financing is coming to the forefront. Indianapolis blanket loans solve the challenges faced by local commercial real estate investors who are trying to handle multiple properties at once.

One Loan Per Property is Inefficient And Expensive

Traditionally, if commercial real estate developers in Indianapolis, IN wanted to purchase, renovate, or build multiple properties, they would need a loan for each one. Unfortunately, taking out a separate loan for each property in your portfolio is inefficient and expensive. Trying to juggle multiple loans, each with their own terms and rates, places a major burden on commercial real estate investors. Fortunately, there is a much easier methods.

Indianapolis Blanket Loans Streamline Finances

Indianapolis blanket loans are designed for local commercial real estate developers with multiple properties. Instead of taking out a bunch of individual loans when properties need to be renovated, purchased, or built, Indianapolis blanket loans cover multiple properties all at once. For local commercial real estate investors, this means a group of properties can have the necessary work done, and everything will fall under one loan with a single payment schedule. Indianapolis blanket loans remove the red tape and chaos involved with balancing multiple loan payments per month to alleviate the strain on finances.

Property Types That Work With Blanket Loans

Indianapolis blanket loans are versatile and designed for the local property market. Indianapolis blanket loans can be used for town houses, single and multifamily dwellings, retail properties, and office space. Blanket loans are frequently used by house flippers in the Indianapolis area, who have multiple projects running simultaneously. Since Indianapolis blanket loans can be used to purchase, renovate, and build, they are also popular among property developers, as well. Having access to blanket loans means multiple renovation or construction projects can happen simultaneously without delays, or having to stagger progress while waiting for individual loans to process.

The Best Indianapolis Blanket Loans

At Liberty Commercial Capital, our goal is to meet the needs of Indianapolis area commercial real estate developers, while helping them to overcome the challenges they face in today’s financial landscape. If you have multiple properties in your portfolio that need attention, or you are looking to purchase multiple properties, Indianapolis blanket loans can ensure everything transpires smoothly. Contact our offices today to learn more.