Most entrepreneurs are self-starters by nature, but that doesn’t make a strong network of colleagues and professional connections any less important. Networking isn’t just a terrific way to connect with other like-minded individuals either. It can be phenomenally good for your business as well. Here’s how to go about it.

Use social media to reach out and communicate.

Modern technology makes it easier than ever to reach out and connect with others in your industry. All you need is a smartphone and an account on a major social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Be active, be engaging, and post plenty of high-quality content that would be of interest to others in your line of business. Get even more out of your connection time online by starting, moderating, or posting to discussion groups relevant to your industry as well.

Become more active in your community.

If you run a small local business, networking on an up close and personal basis is just as important as connecting online. Look for ways you can get more involved with the local small business community in your city or county. Go to as many public events and expos as possible. Join a small business association in your area if there is one. Don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with more ideas of your own as well.

Make meetups a regular part of your routine.

In addition to attending workshops, events, and expos, you should definitely consider looking into regular meetups for those of like mind in your area. If you can’t find one that already exists, why not take the initiative and set one up yourself? Social media can be incredibly helpful when it comes to getting started.

Keep your existing connections strong.

Someone doesn’t necessarily have to do exactly what you do to be a valuable part of your growing network. Over the course of your lifetime, you’ve met hundreds of people. You’ve worked with them, and you’ve gone to school with them. Many of them work in your field or a field that’s related to some level. Stay in touch with those people, and keep those connections going strong.

At the end of the day, networking is something of an art. However, it’s an art that can definitely be learned, cultivated, and leveraged to your ongoing advantage as an entrepreneur. How will you go about getting and staying connected with other professionals going forward?