Make Your Business Stronger With a Merchant Cash Advance

mcaAt Liberty Commercial Capital, we specialize in helping businesses grow by providing personalized financing options. A merchant cash advance can be an ideal option for a small business that wants to take its operations to the next level.

What Is a Merchant Cash Advance and How Does It Work?

These cash advances are designed especially for businesses that want to make use of additional capital to grow or diversify. They are often a useful alternative to choosing a small business loan. They can offer funds totaling up to $200,000. Advances are made against projected credit card sales in the future. Business owners may choose to use this financing for advertising expenses, inventory building, business expansion or other crucial investments.

Perks of Cash Advances

A merchant cash advance can offer a number of important advantages for hard-working small business owners:

  • No application fees
  • No fixed payments
  • No closing costs
  • Ease of repaying loan with credit card sales
  • No loss of equity before, during or after the financing period

Contact Us to Find Out More

Is your business in need of an injection of cash to keep it economically healthy? Consider taking out a low-risk, convenient cash advance on your future profits. Our experts at Liberty Commercial Capital are here to discuss your individual needs. Get in touch with us today for more information.