With consumers becoming more and more conscious about the ethical standards of the companies they buy from, it has become increasingly important for companies to reevaluate the effort they put into environmental causes. That’s why it’s important for businesses to consider recycling. Even for small businesses, it can be relatively simple to start a program.

For one, being environmentally friendly can improve the business’s image. Consumers are conscious about their own carbon footprints and want to buy from environmentally friendly companies – so much so that many are willing to pay extra money. So not only are consumers often going to support and appreciate the companies willing to go the extra mile to be conscious, they will more likely go out of their way to purchase from those businesses, even if that means spending an extra dollar or two.

It’s not just consumers. Employees will likely approve of environmental programs too, which can drive up worker satisfaction and therefore productivity. In addition, recycling can actually save you some costs once it becomes standard protocol at your workplace.

To recycle more at your workplace, it’s important to develop a plan. Start by measuring the amount of garbage being thrown out around the office. This will give you an idea of which departments are wasting the most renewable resources, and the plan can be tailored to account for the specific kinds of waste and where it’s being thrown out.

Once you have decided that your business is going to start recycling more, it’s important to be genuine. Research the specific guidelines recommended by governmental and national agencies, and make sure to learn industry practices and how they might affect garbage disposal.

To really commit to reducing waste, be sure to involve the whole staff. Certain tasks should be delegated to specific people to ensure things get done. Be sure the plan is not too distracting or strenuous for employees to handle with regular assignments; otherwise it could backfire. For instance, clearly establish what should and shouldn’t be recycled.

Being environmentally conscious can go beyond the internal workplace, too; making sure to purchase recyclable materials helps too. To get staff even more fired up, try offering incentives for successful and consistent efforts.

Make sure to evaluate how the program is running even after it’s been implemented. You don’t want to spend all that effort only to find there’s been a miscalculation somewhere. Analyze how much waste is being recycled and what the effects are to get the most out of the effort.

The environment is important to most people, and as a business owner, you want to gain the respect of customers and employees alike. Implement a recycling program to reduce waste, save money, and earn the support of clients and workers.