Indianapolis commercial real estate investors understand the importance of having financing options available for purchasing, renovating, building on, and refinancing properties. Indianapolis commercial real estate investors are also very aware of the challenges they face in securing fast, flexible, and affordable financing.

Not All Indianapolis Commercial Real Estate Lenders Are The Same

Traditional lending channels, such as banks, have a very specific chain of command when processing loan requests. For Indianapolis commercial real estate investors, the chain of command can translate to longer closing times as the loan travels from department to department, and in some cases, from branch to branch. Unfortunately, the longer closing times mean missed opportunities on very profitable properties.

Preferred Lenders

Preferred lenders are able to expedite loan requests for Indianapolis commercial real estate investors. SBA loans, mezzanine financing, HUD and FHA loans, bridge loans, blanket loans, and many more are available to CRE investors through preferred lenders. Additionally, preferred lenders can customize loan agreements to fit the property involved in the transactions. Certainly the financing required for building a new hotel is vastly different from the funding needed to purchase a multifamily residence. Under-delivering on financing is as bad as overburdening someone with more debt than they can handle. Instead of a cookie cutter approach to commercial real estate financing, local investors and property developers, Preferred lenders will take the time to understand the needs of Indianapolis commercial real estate investors, and what goals they want to achieve. From there, a financing strategy can be arranged, tailored to those needs, to help commercial real estate investors start generating revenue as quickly as possible.

Anyone Can Be A CRE Investor

The commercial real estate area has really opened up over the past few years. We have seen people acquire revenue-generating properties to supplement their regular income. We have even seen people who start off flipping houses in their spare time, who end up transitioning into commercial real estate as a full-time career. The commercial real estate market in Indianapolis and the surrounding neighborhoods is still growing, with no sign of slowing down in the upcoming years. With the right financing and a little know how, people can jump right into CRE investments and create very nice streams of revenue for themselves.

Finding The best CRE Financing In Indianapolis

Indianapolis commercial real estate investors turn to Liberty Commercial Capital for financing. No matter the size of the transaction, our team of experts will work with you to create the financing strategy you need. Contact our offices today to learn more.