No matter the timeframe of your journey through owning a small business, surrounding yourself with a support group is always a good idea. There will always be those that laugh at your ideas for success, and the key to actually obtaining success it to keep your environment positive. To help you broaden your current circle, it is important to look beyond where you normally may look for support. Connect with groups you may have lost touch with, and see if they would be interested in supporting you and your business. We have compiled several possible groups to explore for your positivity needs:

Extracurricular Groups

If you do not have any hobbies, acquire some, and connect with the people that maintain similar interests as you. Explore various leisure activities, and bond with those you meet, as those with similar interests will be more likely to lend their support to you.


The people you spent your younger and more creative years are likely to offer their support in your endeavors. Reconnect with those you went to high school and college with, and let them know what you are currently doing, and your plans for the future. If you stayed in the same town as they may have, it is even more likely they will offer their support.

Online Groups

Social networking is a wonderful way to network with pretty much anyone, so utilize the Internet as much as possible. Social media and networking allows for businesses to interface and speak much more easily, so build as many connections as possible and meet new people that will offer fresh ideas.

Professional Organizations

Oftentimes, there are already established networks of people doing similar work as your business. Reach out to those in the network, especially professionals, and attend conferences or professional groups for an immediate support system of likeminded individuals.

Chamber of Commerce

Meeting and connecting with social leaders in the chamber of commerce is a great way to connect with people in higher up places. Becoming an active member can help spread your business, as well as introduce you to new businesses and industries that may be interested in collaborating.

Former Coworkers

Former coworkers often retain the same skill-set that you have, as you generally obtained them through the same training. Especially if you have worked with or shared similar ideas with a specific person, reach out to them to reconnect and see if they would be willing to provide insight or ideas for your business.

Meeting new people and reconnecting with old acquaintances is a great way to help build and spread your business. Find people that will support you and your business, and nurture the ideas that lead to its success.